Dental Websites

GPM builds gorgeous, user friendly, technically savvy websites for dentists throughout North America.

Our dedicated web team interviews each new dentist, learning their approach to care, what technology they use and what services they offer. The team then turns that insight into website magic, building a site that is not only search engine friendly, but patient friendly too. Our sites turn visitors into callers, so you can turn callers into appointments.

Responsive Design

Every website we build – whether from scratch or a rebuild of an existing site – is responsive.

No, they don’t talk to you. But they do read your mind – or at least your device. Your website will automatically scale to fit a 27” imac, an ultrabook laptop, an ipad or an android mobile phone, keeping your brand and your design intact no matter where a patient starts searching for you.

Mobile Websites

Do you love your site but have found that mobile devices don’t love it back?

You don’t always have to build a brand new site. We can quickly create a mobile version of your current dental website, making sure prospective patients don’t have to squint to read miniature fonts on an iphone. Mobile websites can be a great way to extend the life of your current site, while improving your user experience.

Search Engine Optimization

Perhaps your current dental website is well built, attractive, and says everything you want it to say. But it’s still not ranking well.

What the heck is the problem? Honestly, most web developers might know how to code, but they know squat about how to optimize a site for local search. We can transfer your site to our servers (or even gain remote access to your site where it currently lives) and optimize every page so well that Google, Bing and Yahoo will reward you with vastly improved rankings and lots of new patients. Not sure if you’re optimized? Call us for a free online review of your site and learn what you’re lacking.

Search Engine Marketing

We’ve got to be honest. A user friendly, well built, well optimized site is critical, but it doesn’t end there.

Unless you are the only dentist in town, Google, Yahoo and Bing want to see some activity in search engine marketing before they’ll bump you to the top of page one. We use blogging, social media, local listings, SEO updates and more to move you from obscurity to top of the list.

Call Tracking

You’ve paid for a properly built site and are investing in Search Engine Marketing every month, but what evidence do you have that it’s really working?

GPM offers dedicated new patient call tracking numbers to use on your website, so you have tangible evidence of every new patient that called as a result of being on your website. All calls are recorded, offering you a great training opportunity with your team to discuss call-to-appointment conversion. The best part? If you’re one of our Search Engine Marketing clients, website call tracking numbers are free!

Local Optimization

Ever notice those “A – B – C” listings at the top of the page when you search for terms like “Raleigh Cosmetic Dentist”?

Each of those pins links to a free local listing about your business, where consumers can leave reviews and comments about your service. Google, Yahoo and Bing put those listings at the top, so If these listings are not properly claimed and optimized, it can impact your rank. We’ll claim the listings, deactivate any duplicates, add photos, videos and details about your services, effectively creating a wealth of information about your business in one tidy place online.

Google AdWords

If your practice is in Houston, Chicago, NYC or some other monster size city, it can take a little longer to get your dental website to the top of page one.

While your site earns its street cred, Google AdWords can be an excellent method to pop to the top of the search engines, at least via paid advertising. Our team will set up the AdWords accounts, write the ads, select the keywords and geography we want to target, and monitor and adjust the campaigns each month.

Dear Doctor Videos

At last. No more shaky, homemade iphone videos showing patients way too much detail about how a dental implant gets placed. Rather than hire a Hollywood level video team, opt for our beautifully produced patient education video series from Dear Doctor. Choose from dozens of topics and common patient questions, and we’ll drop these beauts into the perfect places throughout your site. Check out the variety of videos here:

Dental Branding

If you need a new dental office website but don’t have even the most basic of marketing tools – a brand – you might want to start here.

Our internal marketing services, such as logo design, stationery, signage, patient brochures and more are integral to building your dental office brand and reputation. We make so many dentists around the world look really, really good. We can do the same for you.

Dental Branding


Dental Website Design Nirvana

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