In this fast paced digital world, people are prone to snap judgements – especially on the web. Within a second, prospective patients have already decided if you are worth a second glance, or if they need to hit the back button and make another selection.

Let’s be honest. You already know how important that first impression is to the 97% of new patients who use online media to help find a dentist, or you wouldn’t be here reading this. So the real question is, what are you waiting for?

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Site?

There are a couple of easy ways to determine if you should consider a new site:

  • Does your site include animated dancing teeth?
  • Does it take more than two clicks to get to the page on crowns?
  • Is there even one page that says “coming soon”?
  • Do you have a competitor with an identical dental website design because you’re both using the same template company?
  • Was your website created more than five years ago?

If you answered yes to even one of those questions, it’s time to think about an upgrade. Call us for an honest evaluation of your current site. If your site is good as is, but needs help being found, we can help there too.

I Don’t Need an Update. I’m Starting From Scratch Here.

If you don’t have a dental office website, you’re not alone. New practices obviously need a new site. So do dentists who have purchased an older office from a retiring doctor. And then there are the doctors who have had trouble pulling the trigger on a website, because they had enough patients.

It’s okay, we can help you too. Just don’t wait too long. Your competition has probably been on the internet for 10 years or more and is taking all your patients. So the sooner you start, the faster we can get you on page one. Because that’s what we do – really, really well.


Dental Website Design Nirvana

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